• 100% Biodegradable mailing bag

    100% Biodegradable mailing bag

    Our Range of Bio based pet waste bags are 100% compostable bags on roll, are the perfect alternative to traditional plastic bags, and it is from corn starch and break down within 90 days in industrial compost environment. Our bags shelf life is 9 month to a year time that is depends on the temper...
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  • The Effects of Biodegradable Waste

    The Effects of Biodegradable Waste

    A key issue in the environmentalism argument is the reduction in non-biodegradable waste, or garbage that will not decompose. Instead there is a large push toward making as many products and packages as possible out of biodegradable products to reduce the strain on landfills, reduce pollution and...
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  • Why we need 100% Bio-degradable Bag?

    Why we need 100% Bio-degradable Bag?

    There are 5 trillion plastic bags be used in our planet in 2018, almost of them were dumped in marine and land. In the land environment, the plastic bags take hundred years to degrade. It’s not just the question about time or pollution: the soil would be changed, then the creature will suffer cru...
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